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Houston Hardwood Floor Restoration

Fix Water-Damaged Hardwood Floors

Experience you can trust

  • Recommended by insurance providers
  • Serving over 4000 customers annually
  • 800+ online positive reviews & growing
  • 99.8% overall satisfaction rating as of 2019
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee policy
  • Each crew is IICRC trained & certified

Ways we better help you

  • Free Estimates 24/7 – 60 min. response*
  • No extra charge for after-hours service**
  • No upfront cost – direct insurance billing
  • Immediate claim coverage verification
  • Get restored 50% faster with 3D loss scans
  • We are a full service restoration company

Water damage to wood floors can be repaired and reversed.

When a hardwood floor becomes wet, they expand with little space to do so and usually “crown,” meaning the hardwood swells up at the edges of the boards. Many are not aware that this hardwood swelling can, in most cases, be reversed to save thousands in repair costs.

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Possible Risks of Hardwood Floor Water Damage

  • Floor buckling — this is when the hardwood floor rises, humps, and even pulls away from the underlying subfloor.
  • Wood floor swelling — similar to buckling, individual wood panels can swell or “crown,” twisting up at the edges of your floorboards.
  • Mold under hardwood floors — if moisture and water is left unmitigated, mold can grow beneath your hardwood floors causing major future damages and potential health risks.
  • Foundational damages to your home — if left alone, water damage can weaken the foundations of a home’s architecture. Water damage in the home should never be ignored.

Related Emergency Flood and Water Damage Restoration Services Offered to the Houston Area

Restoration & Rebuild Services

  • 3D scans reduce insurance processing time
  • Direct insurance billing
  • Warranty provided on all repairs
  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority


Water Removal

  • Truck mounted water extraction
  • High rise building water removal
  • High velocity air movers
  • Rapid dehumidification & more

Ceiling Water Damage Restoration

  • Leaky ceilings
  • Dry ceiling and walls
  • Identify the source of the water
  • Advise on structural issues of the home

Save thousands on the cost of hardwood floor replacement – call us today to repair and restore 800-818-7035


How CWF Provides Better Value to Residents of Houston and the surrounding Houston area

In most cases, we can have your wood floors clean, dry and odor free in a few days or less, minimizing the need for refinishing.

What you can expect is a quality end result, and as with all our services, our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty.

Houston Water &
Fire Restoration:

  • Free Onsite Estimates 24/7
  • Phones Answered Live 24/7
  • No Minimum Charge
  • No Upfront Payment
  • 30-60 Minute Response
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

Other Companies:

  •  $250
  •  Answering Service/Machine
  •  $500 Minimum Charge
  •  Deductible or Full Payment Upfront
  •  2 Hour Response time
  •  No Price Guarantee
  •  1 Year Warranty
  •  No Guarantee Offered

Our Hardwood Floor Water Damage Repair Process

  • We use a combination of low grain refrigerant dehumidifiers & the wood floor Proven Drying System™
  • Then the dehumidifier works to put out air that is over 90 degrees at 15% humidity across the surface of the wood floor.
  • The Proven Drying System™ pulls that warm dry air through gaps in the wood floor under negative pressure.
  • We can not only dry your floors, but help restore their natural shape in a matter of days. We can effectively dry your wood floor in addition to the wood subfloor underneath it as well.


hardwood drying

Determine Wet Areas



hardwood drying

Install Hardwood Drying System



hardwood drying

Extract Wet Areas


hardwood drying

Run Drying System Until Completely Dry

Free Estimates

Fill out the following form and a member of our team will be in touch to confirm your free estimate appointment:

  • A complete consultation of the area that needs remediation
  • A comprehensive estimate that includes everything that needs to be completed and advice on what the next steps should be.
  • Guaranteed Workmanship
  • 24 Hour Service – 7 Days A Week

For 24 Hour Emergency Service,
call 1-800-818-7035.