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Houston Water Damage Remediation

24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Services

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Mitigating Your Water Damage is Our Top Priority

Since 1988, CWF Restoration has provided fast and efficient water damage repair for both residential and commercial clients – serving upwards of 4,000 customers every year. We put our customers first, and our philosophy is repair, not replace. We’ll do everything possible to reduce the headache of such a loss, including directly dealing with insurance or providing you with a free estimate for our services.

There’s a reason we’re the Houston area’s leading restoration service. We work hard to keep you happy and restore your property quicker than the competition.

  • Coordination with your insurance company for your claim
  • Price match so you know you’re getting the best deal
  • Industry-leading warranty and only satisfaction guarantee
  • Full service restoration so you only need to deal with one contractor

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Houston Water Damage Services

Burst pipes, flooding, or backed-up sewers—we are an experienced water damage restoration company ready for any type of water damage.

Specializing in water damage restoration means our technicians have extensive training and are equipped to get your home or commercial property back to pre-loss conditions.

We repair water damage from any type of water disaster:

Water Damage Restoration from Start to Finish

Before Cleanup

During Cleanup

Finished Work

Types & Severities of Water Damage Restoration Jobs

Water damage can be devastating and leave your house unsafe and unlivable. Whether a level I or level III, we’re trained to clean and restore your home with as little disruption as possible.


Category 1


Clean Water

Category 1 water intrusions are the result of compromised sanitary water supply lines. In order for a situation to remain Category 1, water must not have sat in a structure for more than 72 hours, and materials affected must be clean and well maintained.


Category 2


Toilet Overflows, Washer Leaks, Water Entering from Below Grade

Water that contains a significant degree of chemical, biological and/or physical contamination is said to be Category 2. If the water source was originally Category 1, the water will degrade to Category 2 after 72 hours. When water is a Category 2, it will become a Category 3 after 48 hours.


Category 3


Sewer Backup, Flood Waters

When water intrusion results from a grossly unsanitary source, carries disease causing agents, or when water has dwelled in a structure for more than 120 hours, it is said to be Category 3. Regardless of the initial source, water can be deemed Category 3 if it is allowed to dwell in the structure for five days.

Common Water Damage Scenarios

Water damage can happen from many sources, from loose hoses to heavy rainfall. Regardless of the source, CWF Restoration can handle any size disaster.

  • Flooding and storm damage
  • Leaking appliances, water heaters, plumbing, etc.
  • Overflowing toilets, bathtubs, and sinks
  • Flooded basements
  • Tornadoes and thunderstorms
  • Hurricanes and tropical storms
  • Sewage backups
  • Flooding from firefighting efforts

Learn more about the water damage categories.

Free Estimates

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